GMP with Rebels at Savanna High School

Yesterday, GreenMyParents worked with over 300 students from Savanna High School talking about saving money at home, FSC certified paper, and green jobs. Yolanda, a junior, is going to get to work to save for a next-generation fuel-efficient car. Luis, a senior, is using GMP to train for a career as a civil or environmental engineer. Look for GMP at a school near you soon!

If you can’t wait, take a look at the Getting Started Kit.

Thanks to Founding Partner: Domtar – The Sustainable Paper Company.

GMP partners with GoodGuide

Are you ready to take GreenMyParents to your families shopping habits? Well, know you can easily compare thousands of products based on Health, Environment and Social scores. GoodGuide announced a partnership with GMP to empower YOUth to transform family purchases. GoodGuide has ranked over 95,000 products, and GMP YOUth are going to help them rank more. Stay tuned…

How green is your family’s laundry detergent?
What’s the greenest toothpaste for your baby sister?
Need a new pair of jeans?

Don’t see a ranking for a product, let us know.

Visit GoodGuide and be sure to get the app on mom and dad’s phones. To learn more, click here.

Resolution 2 for 2011: Green Mom’s or Dad’s Resume!

Resolution #2: Green Mom’s or Dad’s Resume! As the Chief of Sustainability at Home, it is your JOB to challenge your mom and dad to walk the talk at work, and investigate just how green their job or employer is, and where they might be able to help make quick easy improvements that are also going to rapidly improve profitability. Every parent had odd jobs as a kid, and now thousands of GMP youth have green jobs at home…

SO, how about we challenge our parents to play eco-entrepreneur at the workplace, OR if there is a sustainability team at their office, YOU should ask them why they aren’t a key player on it yet? by helping inject some Green Life into the Mom’s workstyle and Dad’s resume you could help THEIR BOSS see fast track ways to a greener, more profitable business practices like renewable energy, incentives for telecommuting, choosing sustainable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper products like EarthChoice from Domtar (our awesome sponsor!)

By following YOUR LEADERSHIP at home Parents may envision a new set of skills to shifting their expertise to become part of the green economy. Wanna be a proud kid of a green parent?! we DO! Who knows, with that new bonus Mom or Dad get’s for helping their CEO boost earnings for the company this year…you may end up with a new iPAD2 (not that we have actually seen one yet, but we have heard rumors…) in your stocking next Holiday Season, and that would make just about anyone jolly!

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